Work Sharp: Never a dull moment.

This is a must-have gadget to make sure you never have dull scissors. You can take your scissors to someone who sharpens knives and scissors, but who has time for that. Having this Work Sharp knife & tool sharpener in your workroom means you never have to worry about dull scissors again. 

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

It has a magnet to hold your knives and scissors at the correct angle. I use this for my kitchen knives too. I even took my lawnmower blade off and sharpened it with the Work Sharp sharpener. It’s quick and easy to use and I always have sharp scissors when I’m working.

You can replace the belts when they start to wear out. There are different belt grits for the different knives and scissors you want to sharpen. I keep a variety on hand so I have the right one when I need it. 

I’ve had this nifty little sharpener for 6 years. I’m not sure what I did before I had this handy gadget.

Having sharp scissors is important in a busy upholstery workroom.

Work Sharp belts
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