Meite Nail Gun: Work smarter not harder.

I’m always looking for ways to improve and speed up my processes.

When I added this Meite nail gun to my workshop I was a bit skeptical about how well it would work. It has been a great addition to my gun collection. Adding nails can be very labour-intensive. Using this gun can help speed up the process. You fill the board with nails so it’s easy to load them into the gun. There is a magnet in the muzzle sleeve that holds the nail in the gun. Once it’s loaded you shoot it along the edge of your piece of furniture into the frame.

I upholstered this chair a few years ago in leather. I added over 1200 nails to the front and back of this chair using the Meite nail gun. I’m glad I had this gun because it sped up the process. It’s therapeutic to use this gun and see the beautiful finished results.

You can change the muzzle sleeve size depending on the nails you want to use. I purchased a few sizes so I can have the option to use them for different-sized nails. The most common is the 1170 sleeve. It is used with the 7/16 nails. The nail board makes it easy to load the nails into the sleeve. This is a pneumatic gun so you’ll need an air compressor to run this gun. This is one of those tools I wish I would have added to my workshop sooner. I look forward to adding nailhead trim to pieces of furniture now!