Workshops are here!

New workshops posted for 2023! The 2022 workshops went so well I’ve added new workshops for 2023. I’m offering workshops both in my studio and hosted workshops. Our classes will be kept to 4 students for individual attention. Some workshop topics are; Tuffets, Poufs & Pillows, Dining Seats, Cushions & Sewing Skills, Simple Chair, Tufted Ottoman, Wingback Chair and All About Leather. If you want to be informed of new workshop offers, subscribe to my email list.

I started teaching workshops to share my love of upholstery. If you and 3 of your friends want to book a workshop together, I’m happy to accommodate you. We can pick a date that works for your group. Contact me for more information.

Upcoming Workshops

Castle Rock Studio Workshops

The Whimsical Chair on Location!

I am excited to offer travelling workshops this year. Check out the below to see the locations and sign up.


Going to Workroom Tech!

The Whimsical Chair is headed to Workroom Tech in Tryon, North Carolina, to teach the “All about Leather” Workshop.

Oh, the Places I’ll go! I am headed to Workroom Tech to teach a 3-day leather workshop from July 26-28, 2023. Thank you to my friend Susan @workroomtech for hosting and to Carla @crestleather for joining us. You can find the signup link above. This is the workshop for you if you want to add leather to your upholstery skills.

If you’re interested in hosting a leather workshop, message me for details.

Past Workshops

All About Leather

The first leather workshop was in April 2022, and we are so proud of the participants. Some of the leather skills they learned:
•How to measure & cut a hide for projects.
•How to vent leather.
•How to do topstitching.
•How to make leather buttons.
•How to make leather welt.
•How to make a leather pouf.
•How to make a leather zipper panel.
•How to make a leather cushion.

A big Thank you to for all their support. Having such beautiful hides allowed our class to dive in without fear. Never stop learning!


In February, we had our first workshop, and it was all about Tuffets! It’s incredible how many sewing and upholstery skills you can learn by making a tuffet.

• How to measure and cut foam and fabric for a perfect fit.
• How to make welt and buttons.
• How to sew welt and boxing on a round pattern.
• How to build a foundation with a wood base, foam and dacron.
• How to plan, drill and attach 4 feet.
• How to attach your finished cover to get a perfect fit

All excellent skills you can use for many future upholstery pieces.

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