Neatfi Lamp: Let there be Light!

I don’t know about you, but I can never have too much light when sewing. I was looking for an adjustable lamp to light a large area over my industrial sewing machines.

This Neatfi Lamp has everything I need in a work light.

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

Maya Angelou

The Neatfi XL task lamp has 2,200 lumens LED lighting. The clamp makes it easy to assemble and attach to your sewing machine table. The other features that make it great are a 20-inch wide head, 4-level brightness, and a dimmable option. You can see what a difference it makes in the pictures below.

I love a good gadget. When I find something that works, I want to share it with all my upholstery friends. This light worked so well I’ve purchased one for each one of my sewing machine tables.

I also have the flexible gooseneck Sewing Machine LED light on each machine. Combining these two lights ensures I have plenty of light so I can see while I’m sewing. You can find these and all my other favorite gadgets and tools on The Whimsical Chair’s Amazon Storefront. I’m always adding to my Amazon Storefront page to help fellow upholsterers and clients.