Cognito Forms for Client Estimates

Are you looking for a way to streamline the way you receive information from clients for estimates?

My business exploded 2 years ago just when I thought everything was about to come to a screeching halt. I was getting requests for estimates through text messages, phone calls, email and social media messenger. I was overwhelmed with all the communication from potential clients. I was losing track of where and how people had reached out to me. I started searching for a way to help me keep track of all the communication. I wanted one place to send clients so I could keep track of all the communication.

Cognito Forms

Building the Upholstery Estimate Form
Building the Upholstery Workshop Form

This is exactly what the Cognito Forms have done for me. I added this to my website. Now it’s quick and easy to request and submit an estimate with detailed information. I can customize the form so it has the information I want the client to submit. I can change and update information. This link is added to my social media so it’s easy to access. I have all my auto-responses sent clients to on my website to fill out the estimate form from my website. This is like adding an employee to your small business. Now I don’t have to try to keep track of where my client’s information is stored. I know it’s all going to be in my Cognito Forms.

I recently started upholstery workshops. I created a form so students can submit the classes that they are interested in taking. I send emails to students about the workshops based on the information submitted. 

You can check out how these forms look on my website. This has been game-changing for my small business so I wanted to share it. I hope this can also help you simplify how you are receiving and saving client/student information. I’ve added the link for Cognito Forms. If you use this referral link you’ll receive a free month of advanced form building. I’m always happy to share when I find something that makes work/life a little bit easier!

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