custom upholstery

Is it worth the investment?

If you have a piece of furniture that has a solid frame and you like the style it’s worth the investment. I love to help clients create a statement piece for their homes. You can customize it just the way you want so it compliments your space. Custom upholstery is not a cheaper alternative than buying new furniture, but you get exactly what you want. I would be happy to give you an estimate so you can make an informed decision about what you want to do. They truly don’t make furniture as they use to. Contact me and I will help you through the process from start to finish.

The Custom Upholstery Process

Embark on a journey of transformation with our custom upholstery process. From consultation to completion, we collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life. Select from a wide range of high-quality fabrics and materials to customize your piece. Our skilled artisans meticulously craft each detail, ensuring both beauty and functionality. Experience the joy of creating a bespoke masterpiece that reflects your unique style and personality. Trust us to guide you through every step of the process, from concept to delivery, with dedication and expertise. Elevate your space with custom upholstery tailored to your taste and preferences.

Details are my real passion!

I take great pride and time to make sure each piece is done to perfection so it will last for the next generation!

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