Wonderclips: How did I work without them?

I wonder what I did before Wonderclips? Maybe this is how they got their name.

When I first started working with leather I had a dilemma. I usually use pins to hold the fabric pieces together when I’m sewing. I didn’t want to use pins in the leather because it would have left holes. I started searching for a solution and I found Wonderclips.

They are typically used when making quilts, but I have found so many uses for them in my workshop. I keep a stash of these by my sewing machine and at my worktable.

The leather beanbag I made for my son before he went to college.
The leather beanbag I made for my son before he went to college.
Wonderclips holding 2 pieces of leather together.

You can also use them when working with fabrics that you may not want to pin like velvets. I clip the edge to hold the fabric together and pull the clips as I sew. It works great. 

The below pictures are of a velvet cube cover I was sewing together. I used the clips to hold all 4 sides in place so I knew it was all going to stay square as I stitched this all together. This worked just as I had hoped and the end result was great.

Sewing together green velvet using the clips.
The velvet cover for the cubes.

My review of the Wonderclips is a 10.

I’m not sure how I ever worked without these little clips in my workroom!
Velvet cubes!

Velvet cubes!

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